Long-established experience as firm foundation

After a long preliminary history which began in 1841 with the Van der Ploeg village smithy in Aldeboarn, Machinefabriek G. van der Ploeg was established in Leeuwarden in 1956. As a manufacturer of machinery and equipment, VanderPloeg underwent rapid development. The company bolstered itself, for example, with qualified welding processes, special machines and high-quality engineering. The activities spread out across various sectors and markets.

In 1988 Nieland was taken over, a company that had been successfully developing and producing specialized shipbuilding machines since 1960. This rendered the diversification into a group structure a reality. With Nieland’s specialization, we have now won a leading global position in cold forming ship’s hull panels and bending profiles.

In 1994 FOMA Engineering was established as a subsidiary within the VanderPloeg Group. Its specialization is the development and production of client-specific machines and moulds for injection moulding large synthetic products.